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COVID Testing in Payson

A great conversation between Dr. Alan Michels and Kenny Evans regarding the recent FREE COVID-19 testing site that tested over 1,600 local residents. Our new University of Arizona Medical students were involved as well, hear how!

MHA Defribulator Program Serves Our Future Generations

Susie “Nana” Watson and her story of building a local Gymnastics program with nearly 200 students! She is one of the many businesses that the MHA Foundation has provided an AED, or automated external defibrillator to.

Local Leadership for PUSD

What a great conversation between Jennifer Smith and our new PUSD Superintendant, Linda Gibson about our schools and her vision for the future. We are so proud to continually help build positive tools and support for our local schools! There are some great things happening in the upcoming school year between MHA Foundation and the schools.

2020 PUSD Initiatives 

This is a great conversation between our Payson High School Principal, Jeff Simon and our K-12 Leadership Development Chair, Jennifer Smith. They are discussing the initiatives that are being funded by our foundation to further improve the opportunities for our local students to do amazing things!

The Life Skills We All Need

Another great story regarding the advances in youth eduation in Payson! Listen in on a great conversation between Jennifer Smith and Kadi Hunt Tenney, PCS Career and Life Skills Coordinator! Some great things happening at the Payson Center for Success. MHA Foundation is so proud to be a part of making it all happen!

Healthcare History in Payson

Part 1, 2, & 3

Spotlight On Nursing Education

Our local Nursing Program is a bragging right in our wonderful community, and it is always improving! MHA is thankful to be a part of it all. Listen to Ty and Jamie discuss its importance and impact in our community. Thank you!

Playground Project

Listen to this amazing, local story! Two dedicated Moms & PTO Members, Jolynn Schinstock and Audrey Hogue, took on the challenge of fundraising for an entirely new playground for Julia Randall Elementary School. MHA was a proud partner in this project!

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