Q: What involvement do you have with the MHA Foundation?

I didnt know anyone on the MHA board when I joined. I saw their mission and sought them out on my own. I saw people having a strong impact on my community and wanted to be a part of it.”

I saw what the MHA was doing and I pursued working with them in About 10 years and joined the board there as the healthcare practitioner.”

We give away scholarships to anyone seeking healthcare education for their future.”

We came to Payson to start the Payson Christian Clinic and the idea was to do more right here at home.” He was used to foreign missions.

We can influence the education process to get people the education and help here at home.” 

One of the big projects that I loved being involved in was PCS. Building a broader view of possibilities for the students. I was able to be in on that and see an impact in the school system right away. I feel we helped move a vision forward there.”

We have educated almost 200 healthcare practitioners since 2016 with the help of Dr. Hunt.”

Since January we are working on an innovations committee for medical practitioners in training with UofA, after years of groundwork laid by Kenny and the other leadership.”

We want to create rural healthcare practitioners that live and thrive in rural areas such as ours, all over. This will create an amazing connectiveness network.”

We want to see students that are passionate about rural medicine to have assistance with their education costs as well, and we are putting together programs for that.”

MHA is spending huge amounts on this community and people in this community, and that is what I get the most joy out of.”

Q: What does it mean to you to be involved in the MHA Foundation?

I own my own practice still because I value what I think is important. My kids are important and my patients celebrate that with me.”

I could have the best single impact with my time by working with the MHA. I want to look back and know that I made the biggest impact I possible could, and MHA has such a commitment to the community that it allows me to live those values out.”

I love helping in the mission fields, but impacting our local mission is very important, and MHA provides that.”

Q: How have you personally seen the MHA Foundation serve our community? 

The MHA programs are very helpful to our community through the local college impact (nursing), the new school initiatives, and the PCS initiative.” 

Our EAC nursing program is ranked in the top 12 in entire country, and their success rate of employment is 100%. Ty Jones has been an amazing piece to that puzzle by holding a high level of excellence. These graduates are staying in our community.”

MHA focuses on k-16, not just K-12”

We have 14 different universities (get the list) from the US and all over the world involved to grow the rural health education programs. We have had a large number of students from Singapore come to be educated in Payson.”

The MHA has been doing so much for so long without highlighting their own efforts, with such a huge impact to our community.” 

I am a part of it because I know I am able to make an impact in our community as a whole. I want to make tings better in Payson, AZ…. community schools and the future of healthcare.”

There is some amazing vision that has gone into this (MHA) for so many years before my time here and the forethought and innovative thinking was so impressive to me, and still is.” 

I can envision and see Payson being a state of the art educational hub for medicine. Thats the innovation that we are working toward. Turning some empty Forrest service land into something amazing.”

Alfonso Munoz, Judy Hunt, and myself are the physicians at the Payson Cristian Clinic that offers an outlet for us as well to help provide the community with healthcare for those that need it and cannot afford it. We have big ideas to further grow that effort in the near future as well.”

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