Incoming PUSD Superintendant, Linda Gibson is not only a strong match for the leadership of our school, but she is also a 24-year local resident of our community with a long history of success and leadership within our schools. Alongside another seasoned member of Payson in Jennifer Smith (MHA K-12 Leadership Development Subcommittee Chair), Linda discusses the importance of building a community of support for our Payson kids.

“That involves everyone being in conjunction. We are a small enough community that all of us can buy in and become a hub of energy for the entire town,” states Gibson. She strongly believes that local leaders and business owners can pull together to make a big difference in rallying around our students. “I think we have a community that is really willing to do a lot, and sometimes we forget to ask those that want to help”, she continued. Its the concept of everyone doing a little, together, to produce a lot.

Smith asked, “If you could tell the world about anything that is wonderful about our schools, what would that be?” Gibson answered quickly, “The support that we have in this community for our students in astronomical.” She added, “We are doing just as many great things as any other schools across the country, often with less money. The caliber of students that are graduating from our school system is high and they are doing amazing things.” She bragged about the amount of scholarships that our kids are obtaining each year and the programs that are in place to help them succeed. Many of those programs are in partnership with MHA Foundation.

Gibson also elaborates on what it is to be a Google-centered school system and the productive benefits of everyone being fully trained to operate within that platform. To hear the rest of the interview, click here.

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